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Watch Love Is In The Air Porn Online Free

Scene One – Gorgeous Busty Latina Mistress Evie Delatosso gets a knock on her door. It's one of those annoying, pyramid scheme door-to-door marketers. She knows just what to do with this kind of scammer.

In POV she straddles you and puts you in your place. She teases you with her bushy pussy and big, natural tits. She spreads her cheeks and forces you to eat her ass. She laughs at you with a full-bodied, evil laugh as you demean yourself beneath her hot flesh.

The door-to-door salesman soon realizes he's in trouble when Evie throws him onto his back and SMOTHERS him under her black lace panty-covered pussy. She laughs wickedly as this loser becomes enslaved by her dominance. She strips off the panties and stuffs them in his mouth, then grinds her pussy on his face.

He tries to escape, but FACE SLAPPING and Evie's relentless command obliterate his resistance. She buries his face under her ass and makes him tongue her asshole. She makes him lick her holes until she has a very intense orgasm.

Scene Two – The blazing hot body of Mistress Annika Adams looms over you in a super hot POV scene. She tells you in no uncertain terms, that you are a loser who doesn't deserve her pussy, you'll only be licking her asshole. And you better do a good job or you're fired. Happily, you bury your face between her cheeks.

On her bed, she orders her wimpy slave to lie down and help her have an orgasm. In her red bikini, she FACESITS her slave and is immediately displeased by his poor performance. When he has the audacity to complain, she SLAPS HIM HARD and shatters his feeble resistance. She asks "how hard is it to be an ass-licking slave"?

She strips, then grinds and bounces her naked pussy and ass on Vladi's face. She makes him WORSHIP HER ASS while she kneels doggy style. She calls him a moron, an idiot. She assaults him with crushing verbal humiliation, then orders him back onto his back. She makes him stretch his tongue out as far as possible so she can bounce her asshole on it.

She closes her pussy lips over his nose and SMOTHERS him until his lungs scream for air. She finally rides his face to an orgasm before firing him and kicking him out of her bed.