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MILFs In Love. Christina Shine thinks her girlfriend is cheating on her, and in her last desperation, she tries a medium that might help her get the answer. She found Anissa Kate on the internet and called her for an appointment. Anissa prepares her office for the rituals and waits for Christina... Femme-fatale Kayla Green found a beautiful brown hair, blue eyes heart breaker, Angelica Heart on a dating site. The two lonely milf finds each other extremely attractive on their date. Kayla slid her fingers between Angelica's ample and soft tits before she kissed her. Angelica truly felt like a princess and wished more for Kayla. Of course, the maniac lesbian blonde bombshell catches that and starts to lick all over her new lover. Zaawaadi adorns herself with expensive fine jewelry in preparation to dominate and humiliate the sexy blond bombshell Christina who is the perfect submissive sub. But after the game ends we find out who the real boss is when Christina asks for her jewelry back from Zaawaadi...her loyal housekeeper..

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