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My Stepdad Took My Virginity
EP1: Stella is a dirty bitch and her Stepdad Luke is not happy. He goes in to have a go but there she is looking at boys. Horny little bitch! But what's this? She's a virgin! I think it's time for Professor Hotrod to get his cane out!

EP2: Ella believing she's alone in the house is having a cheeky little flick to some filthy porn. Stepdaddy Luke over hearing the masturbation goes in and gives her the real thing for the first time!

EP3: Max can't believe his eyes when he walks in to see Jess' disturbing yet horny shrine to him. When confronted Jess doesn't know how to respond but to ask him to be her first. It's OK though, she knows what to do. She's watched porn!

EP4: Misha's boyfriend wants her to have sex, but doesn't know what to do, or how to do it. Not to worry though. Super Stepdad Seth is there to the rescue! She'll be experienced in no time.

EP5: Dru is having a heart to heart with his stepdaughter Alyssa, it seems his wife is cheating on him. But Alyssa has an idea for revenge; let's turn this conversation from a 'heart to heart' to a 'cock to pussy.' What better way to get revenge than to take your wife's daughters virginity!