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Anthony Spinelli is back with the hottest names in adult video...
Delivering what he delivers best - steamy eroticism with a story, done with class and taste. Tom Byron is lost in an odyssey inside his own mind. Surfer Girl will knock you out!
When a down-on-his-luck criminal finds himself once again behind bars, he resorts to his vivid fantasy life to keep his mind occupied. But when a mysterious and enigmatic figure appears to him in his cell, he finds his every carnal dream coming true! Tom Byron stars as the sex-crazed convict, being driven slowly mad by his lack of female contact. His unearthly benefactor soon takes care of that though, in one salacious jell-cell romp after another. His wanton wife is played to the sexual hilt by curvaceous hard-charger Madison, who gives her all in a pair of white-knuckle sex scenes. Her opening romp with Steve Hatcher on her house's front porch is a real barn-burner, as she throws her fabulously top-heavy figure into the scene with complete sexy abandon. Later, she's ravished by the strange magician outside Tom's cell, as he's forced to watch his wife's philandering. Not to worry, because there are sexy strumpets like Alicia Rio on hand to soothe his hurt feelings. And with sexy little Sierra on hand for a frantic three-way fantasy scene with Taylor Wayne and Tom, there's no shortage of high-voltage sexing on tap.