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    The Bonking Bin Man

    Bonking Bin Man, The

    Bazza is taking a well needed tea break – but just as he sits down* he hears a tapping from the adjacent metal wheelie bin – he has to take a look inside & without fail. He finds horny sort called Amy looking disheveled but relieved to see him. Despite being tired & shagged out* he takes one for the team & royally shoots his muck over her after giving her a good seeing to – and then leaves her in the bin!
    Bazza generally doesn’t deal with the grit salt bins but he cant but help taking a look inside one when it appears to show signs of movement – when he looks* he finds a girl called Yuffie who’s clearly mistaken her home for the salt bin – or has she?! Either way Bazza offers her the only thing he knows* his big fat cock & the Bonking Bin Man smashes her bard doors in good & proper!
    It isn’t long before Bazza stumbles across a skip – and just as he’s about to dump some bags – lo & behold there’s a female called Jessica ain the middle of the surrounding mess! Can Bazza walk away & forget he ever saw her? Hell no – he invites to help her with her nails* then on to his hard cock & then once his unloaded onto her continues with his round!
    Bazza is out & about on his local round when the sound of a vibrating wheelie bin catches his ears & eyes! Naturally his curiosity gets the better of him* & he moves in closer to investigate. On opening the lid* to his surprise* he finds a horny piece of skirt called Tiffany – not your everyday waste disposal. But when you’re Bazza Bigbollox that’s the perk of the job & he wastes no time emptying her out & relieving his bollocks onto her in a nearby caravan before putting her back in!
    Another day* another dollar* or in Bazza’s case – another disposable pussy to fuck. This time on his rounds* a rustling bin bag catches his attention – and lo and behold another naked lady* this time called Franki appears – to have been thrown out with the other rubbish. Given his charming ways & helpfulness* how could this girl turn down the sight of his cock. And sure enough* he scores beautifully with load of his splodge landing on her tits!

    2017 Television X Amy,Franki,Frankie,Jessica Jensen,Peter Oh Tool,Tiffany Naylor,Yuffie Yulan